There’s no shortage of new technologies to improve, streamline, and safeguard your work. The challenge is making sense of them all, grasping how they will work within your overall architecture, and keeping up with new developments. Designing a custom-built solution, with an understanding of the foundation already in place and what will make the perfect finishing touches, makes all the difference. That’s why government agencies and commercial businesses work with Epoch Concepts.

As solution architects, we’re adept at understanding your ongoing challenges and missions. Our veteran team of sales and engineering experts can help connect the dots to create dynamic, cost-effective, multi-product solutions that help you excel.

Enterprise IT Infrastructure

Your IT environment relies on scores of components. We can help you think through them all, how they operate together, and what it takes to keep them relevant. Whatever your environment—hardware, software, networking components, data storage, servers, and operating systems—we’ll design a system that helps you work faster and at greater scale.


You need to replace technologies nearing their end of life or you want to upgrade to more advanced capabilities. We can help by laying out your technology options and work with you to select the ones that are best suited to your needs and existing systems.

Cloud Computing

The thought of moving your sensitive data to the cloud can keep you up at night with worry. But you can keep your data secure and still enjoy the “access it anywhere” benefits of cloud computing. We’ll help you set up the servers, storage, networking components, and everything you need to take full advantage of advanced cloud capabilities. 


With your work increasingly digitized and virtualized, it is increasingly important that you protect your infrastructure on-premise, in the cloud, and with third-party providers. We’ll help you think through and remediate endpoint threats and potential vulnerabilities, and plan for detection and resilience in the face of an attack.