Epoch Axis Zero-Trust Secure Remote Access

Littleton, Colo., July 11, 2022 — Epoch Concepts, a leading provider of IT solutions and services to the US federal government, enterprises, and systems integrators today announced the availability of Epoch Axis, a zero-trust-based remote access solution tailored for the energy sector.

Epoch Axis is designed to give remote workers and third-party technicians secure and remote, high-speed access from anywhere and without the need for onsite staffing or 24x7 call center support. The solution is built on a VPN-less, zero-trust architecture that delivers more secure ingress to remote energy sites so technicians can monitor systems’ health, perform software updates, and troubleshoot critical supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems that are critical to keeping the energy infrastructure healthy and trouble-free.

“With the increase in ransomware incidents and a growing awareness around threats to the US’ critical infrastructure, energy companies need a solution that provides secure access to remote sites and systems,” said Marcus Smiley, Epoch Concepts CEO. “Epoch Axis is the remedy to aging remote access solutions that are outdated, require significant company resources to set up and maintain, and that don’t afford the level of security energy companies need so they can continue providing services across the country.”

Key features of Epoch Axis include 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), next-generation firewalls, remote access gateways, VPN-less zero-trust architecture, simplified remote configuration and management, and Epoch’s White Glove delivery service. Epoch Axis is currently installed in more than one hundred remote sites across the United States.   

To learn more, visit our Epoch Axis page on www.epochconcepts.com

About Epoch Concepts

Founded in 2006, Epoch Concepts is a trusted partner and supplier of IT solutions and services to the US government and its agencies, system integrators, and enterprise organizations around the world. The Epoch difference is our award-winning, seven-step client methodology that always begins with client discovery and problem definition. Next, our expert team performs custom research services and vendor liaising, ensuring that we propose the right solution for your organization. Once approved, Epoch manages the entire contracting and purchasing process, and depending on the customer’s preference, we can perform basic services such as burn-in testing and asset tagging in our secure staging facility, or we can fully deliver and integrate the new solution on-site and on time.

Epoch Concepts is a proud Veteran-owned business.

Learn more about Epoch Concepts at www.epochconcepts.com.

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