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News Apr 30 2021

Epoch Concepts’ CEO, Marcus Smiley, Named to 2021 Titan 100

The 2021 Titan 100 Award Is Given to Outstanding CEOs and C-level Executives Across the Region. LITTLETON, Colo., April 30, 2021 — Marcus Smiley, founder and CEO of Epoch Concepts LLC, a Colorado-based reseller of IT solutions, is being honored as a 2021 member of the Titan 100, a prestigious group comprising Colorado’s most influential … Continued

News Sep 21 2020

Epoch Concepts Announces Awardee Status of Information Technology Enterprise Solutions – Software 2 (ITES-SW2) Contract

Littleton, CO – September 21, 2020 Epoch Concepts Announces Awardee Status of Information Technology Enterprise Solutions – Software 2 (ITES-SW2) Contract The Army Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) office in coordination with Army Contracting Command Rock Island (ACC-RI) awarded the ITES-SW2 contract as a 10-year multiple-award of $13B to 31 contract holders.  The … Continued

News Sep 12 2018

Big Data Infrastructure Automation Provider Gemini Data Awards Public Sector Partner, Epoch Concepts, with Premier Status

WASHINGTON (PRWEB) September 11, 2018 Gemini Data Inc, a provider of the leading big data infrastructure platform, Gemini Enterprise, today announced Epoch Concepts LLC has achieved Premier Partner Status. A key component of Gemini Data’s public sector strategy is to engage with partners that understand the power of combining existing data platform technologies with advanced processes … Continued

Insights Aug 5 2021

Building a Better Defensive Federal IT Infrastructure

Anyone who believes the adage, “The best offense is a good defense” is clearly not a student of SEC football or cybersecurity. The SEC’s Coach Saban at the University of Alabama won season after season based largely on his defensive strategy and talent.  But a few years back, Saban’s strength of defense hit a wall; … Continued

Insights Jun 14 2021

What Is Zero-Trust and Are You Prepared to Implement It?

Zero-Trust is the reigning popular governance model for implementing security on networks. While older security policies assigned users access based on a set of rights, which often conferred access to numerous systems, Zero-Trust provides the least possible access necessary to perform activities on the network. A Zero-Trust network also continuously monitors devices and resources across … Continued

Insights May 3 2021

Three “One-IT-Solution-Fits-All” Warning Signs—And What to Do About Them.

When it comes to IT solutions, you need your own, not someone else’s. To ensure that you’re always getting exactly what your organization needs, be on the lookout for these three “one-IT-solution-fits-all” warning signs telling you what to avoid in your search for the right IT partner. IT Warning Sign #1: The Ends Never Quite … Continued

Insights Apr 20 2021

Seven Steps to Successful IT Modernization

The quality of an IT implementation (from planning to implementation) marks the differentiator between great solutions and those that are just adequate. When COVID gripped the world, organizations with great IT solutions in place to cope with remote workforces and a focus on “the online presence” suffered the least.  Today, IT is truly under the microscope. Yes, great IT … Continued

Insights Apr 19 2021

Case Study – Government Supply Chain Security

Summary: While globalization has been a major success for organizations, it has also significantly increased security risks for supply chains. From the manufacturing process to the storage warehouse, data breaches, malware, and counterfeit products are just a few of the vulnerabilities we now have to plan for. For government agencies, securing the supply chain is … Continued

Insights Mar 9 2021

How to Modernize Defense Networks

Summary: Agencies focused on defense face significant challenges as the threat landscape grows and as bad actors get smarter. Learn about three major challenges defense networks will face in the future, and how you help mitigate those challenges today with the right technology partner, like Epoch Concepts. The Future Will Not Be “Defense Networks as … Continued

Insights Feb 17 2021

Case Study: Rapid Prototyping a New Space Command Program

Summary: According to reports, as much as 75% of IT projects either fail completely or fail to meet all of their initial requirements. Read how Epoch helped develop the Air Force Space Command’s new Enterprise Ground Services (EGS) system, in the spirit of MTA and rapid prototyping, on time and within budget, far surpassing the … Continued

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