No two organizations – and no two missions – are alike. So, when it comes time to build out targeted workflow solutions, it’s not just about the tech and tools. It’s about ensuring you have everything you need to get them up and running as efficiently as possible.

Epoch Concepts not only architects and sources fully-customizable IT solutions; we provide the tools and expertise to implement, activate, and support them. Our team is ready to assist you along the entire technology procurement journey from presale discovery and solution design, to sales, shipment and installation, and post-sale support.

Augmented expertise

You have a challenge you need to solve but lack the staff or expertise to design a full technology solution. Our pre-sale experts can get into the weeds of your challenges with you, help you engineer different options, work through potential issues, and select an overall system that meets your goals.


We keep abreast of all the latest technologies, so we come to your challenges with up-to-date knowledge of current market offerings. We maintain relationships with several well known IT vendors to help facilitate a smooth and cost-effective procurement process, but we always look at the full range of manufacturers and distributors to make sure you get just what you need at the best price. 

Secure Warehousing

Putting together a complex IT system takes space and staffing. We maintain a secure warehouse where we can have all your component parts shipped directly. Our dedicated on-site staff will receive and inventory all the parts,  tag all your assets if needed,  integrate the components, and then ship it out to you all together when you’re ready to receive it. 

Systems Integration

At our warehouse, we can assemble your selected technology solutions — integrating the hardware, preloading the software, and conducting burn-in component testing. Your complete solution shows up at your facility ready for action.