What’s Hot this Summer

The summer months are here and not only is the weather getting hot, but so is the conference and tradeshow circuit!

Here's what's coming up in June.


June 7-9 - SAP and IT Security Summit

Epoch Concepts and our great partner, Splunk, will be onsite together at the SAP IT & Cybersecurity Summit this week in Huntsville, AL. Key personnel from the DOD and vendors supporting the DOD and cybersecurity community will be on hand offering insightful keynotes, panel presentations, and of course, the ever-popular Exhibition center where you can come meet us and maybe pick up some great Epoch or Splunk-branded merchandise to take home.

June 28th and 29th - Eglin and Hurlburt Tech Expos

Eglin Tech Expo
Hurlburt AFT Tech Expo

Eglin Air Force Base and Hurlburt Field Air Force Bases in Florida will host their "Tech Expo Days" June 28th and 29th respectively. In addition to being tactically important facilities for the US Air Force and USSF, the bases have also had their times in the Hollywood sun. Parts of Transformers 3 were filmed at Hurlburt, and Eglin was quite the hotspot for films in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, contributing both aircraft and extras for movies such as James Bond's Thunderball, Thirty Seconds over Tokyo, and Twelve O' Clock High.
On topic, the Tech Expos are a great opportunity for base leadership and personnel to come and meet some of the vendors who work with them side-by-side and who bring private-sector expertise and technology innovation to the US' defensive capabilities.

See you there!

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