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The Epoch Difference is our deep experience working in, and with, organizations like yours. Unlike typical VARs, Epoch offers an end-to-end, design-to-implementation experience tailored to your unique organizational needs.

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Step 1: Client discovery and problem identification

STEP 1: Client Discovery and Problem Identification

We can help you fully understand the nature and scope of your challenge, identifying potential risks and issues early-on to help avoid surprises later.

Step 2: Pre-Sale: Whiteboarding, Market Research, & Vendor Liasing

STEP 2: Pre-Sale: Whiteboarding, Market Research, & Vendor Liasing

Before any formal requirements submission, we can map out your solution, gather relevant market research, and be your trusted liaison working with vendors to gather necessary information about possible solutions.

Step 3: Solution Recommendations & Troubleshooting

STEP 3: Solution Recommendations & Troubleshooting

Once all relevant information is gathered, our team of solution architects and engineers build out the solution, identifying the best hardware, software, and components, and troubleshooting any integration issues before they threaten the implementation timeline.

Step 4: Contracting & Purchasing

STEP 4: Contracting & Purchasing

Once requirements are finalized and approved, we engage our partner network of more than 100 of the world’s leading technology vendors to source and purchase your solution software and components.

Step 5: Integration as Needed

STEP 5: Integration as Needed

Not every customer needs help putting their new solution together. But, if you do, rest easy knowing our secure supply chain ensures your solution’s individual pieces arrive safely. Once onsite in our secure warehouse, we can perform software loading, integration, and burn-in testing to ensure everything is working the way you need it to, from day one.

Step 6: Solution Delivery &

STEP 6: Solution Delivery and Implementation, as Needed

When you’re ready, we’ll ship your solution (either the component parts or as integrated by our team) to your location. Should you choose, our expert team of certified technicians and engineers can work alongside your own team to ensure the solution is fully implemented and ready to go.

Step 7: Post-Sale Support

STEP 7: Post-Sale Support

Just because your project is complete, it doesn’t mean our work is finished.
We know every technology requires upkeep and changes, so our relationship managers
remain committed to helping you after the sale with anything you may need for this
project or in the future.