Epoch Concepts not only designs technology solutions and procures the individual hardware and software components, we can also bring the pieces together—literally. We maintain a secure warehouse facility dedicated to integration services. With substantial shipping and receiving floors, ample storage space, secure freight dock access, and a computer lab for staging and burning in equipment, our expert teams can fully assemble your solution to meet your unique specifications.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and employ best practices to ensure accuracy and compliance with any project-specific build instructions.

When assembly is complete, we assess integrations to ensure optimal performance. Once it meets our rigorous standards, we can store everything in our secure facility until you’re ready to receive it via our unmatched “white-glove” service. Our approach to treating each customer like the most important customer means you save on the shipping, storage, assembly, and administration costs typically involved with receiving your solution piece by piece.

Hardware Integration

There’s a right way and a fast way to perform hardware integrations. We do it the right way, following industry best practices and vendor requirements. Your finished product will not only operate the way it’s designed to but the entire build is documented so you can ensure it meets your project requirements.

Software Preloading

Take the worry and hassle out of loading and updating software, often to hundreds of devices and systems. When our team is finished, your software works the way it was meant to, on day one.

Burn-In Component Testing

Once installed, we will run and test the equipment to ensure compatibility and functionality, minimizing the chance of future failures.  

Asset Tagging

At your request, we can collect data for each piece of equipment and store it for future reference. We also tag application locations and document the tag’s physical properties. UID labels are applied to both ends of cables used for DOD customer integration.