Epoch AxisZero-Trust-Based Remote Access for Energy Companies

Reliable and secure remote access gives your remote workers and 3rd party technicians secure access to remote sites to update software, monitor the health of SCADA systems, and view other system logs and files.

Traditional VPN solutions may not meet your industry’s security requirements and may not offer the level of security your organization needs. Epoch Axis is a VPN-less, zero-trust-based, secure remote access solution designed specifically for energy companies. Offering fast and secure remote access to employees and 3rd party technicians alike, Epoch Access lets you administer granular security privileges and remote access privileges without bogging down security administrators and helpdesk technicians with access requests.

Key Features of Epoch Axis

  • VPN-less Zero-trust Architecture
  • Consolidated Security Management
  • Secure, Remote Access from Anywhere
  • Industry-leading Hardware, Software, and Networking Components
  • Simplified Audit and Compliance